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It's 2009!  Welcome to our webpage! 

we are looking forward to our next trip to Walt Disney World in January, 2010.  we were at WDW last december and again in march this year and had a blast!

We have a new kitty.  His name is Andy!

On November 13, 2008, dear Gus Pike died in my arms.

Sadly, Jasper Dale died on May 25, 2006. He was only 17.

"hello, i am jasper dale. i am a good kitty. one day, a long time ago, i was going to be murdered at the animal shelter in sedalia, missouri. hours before my execution, my kind master chris came and took me away from that place of horror. he and i lived together for a few years, and then gus arrived on the scene. i must say, at first gus was cute, but then i realized that he tried to eat all the cat food and tried to boss me around. this went on for several years until i finally gave him a piece of my mind. we are now bestest of friends and like to spend lazy afternoons together snoozing on the sofa. anyway, a few years ago, master chris married mistress donna, and i have grown to love and care for her. (plus she gives good pets and loves). well, that's all for now."


another year has gone by. i am getting older, but yet, the pets and loves keep me happy. i am so glad that God created hands so that i can have my daily pets.