We Were Cute Children


They Were Cute Children, Weren't They?

"Oh, mother!"

"This is a good cat!"


".......and this is Gus!"

"...proving that YES, Chris is an angel!"

"It's the Chipmunks!

"The tragic day that young Donna (far left) came face to face with a troll!"

"Always the clown!"
"Chris's Mom"
"Oh, Santa, I just can't wait for you to come!" "Can I play ya' a tune?"
"Happy birthday!" "Oh, I just love dressing up!"
"Never wear pink!" "Playtime"
"Gus after a night on the town" "My buddy Trevin"
"School days!"
"Donna makes the news!" "I wanna be a cowgirl!"
"Chris is doin' a play" "Tutor Chris and his student Joshua"
"Slow down!" Never Let ANYONE Give You A Perm!
"Donna and pals"